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MadBanana’s, Noida’s ecommerce platform for online groceries with its own chain of stores across the city. It has the biggest warehouse in Noida with 22000+ products and multiple brands.
We provide customers with the best shopping experience in terms of service, price and range which builds a strong business and delivers long term value for our customers.
We have developed a unique end-to-end operating solution for online grocery retail based on proprietary technology and IP, suitable for operating our own business with complete data security.

So today hundred – thousands of people have appreciated the advantages of Mad Bananas discounter chain. It is the fastest retail network with more than 4 stores and with its own warehouse in Noida. During 2 year Mad Bananas has been known as stores where you can buy qualitative goods and also save the family budget. Every day more than 2 thousand Noida customer’s visit and buy food and goods in Mad Bananas. During the past 2 years Mad Bananas has shown the highest rate of growth and has come up with 4 superstores in Noida.
The assortment of stores is over 2200 items including more than 800 items of imported labels goods. By minimizing the cost of logistics and advertising the price of all goods is reduced to a lower than the average range and is available now in Online shopping of Mad Bananas.
Success and high growth within 2 year is ensured by a friendly team, professionalism, commitment to development, compliance with market standards and a high level of responsibility of each employee makes it possible to achieve our mission – to provide the population of Noida with the products of high quality at minimum prices and ensure the goods quality by implementing high technologies and ethical conduct of retail business.
We are trying to provide the lowest range of price for all products though our online campaign with the minimum threshold of 60 minute delivery time in Noida with free delivery at the lowest bucket size of only Rs.300.
Mad Bananas values Quality and Service.

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